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Important Center Pivot Irrigation Parts


If you have ever taken a flight across the heartland of the United States on a small or relatively low flying aircraft you might have noticed brown and green semi-circles beneath you. These semi-circles are formed when a farmer waters his crops with a center pivot irrigation system.

A center pivot irrigation system is usually constructed of aluminum and held above the crops by towers. The hose constructed of aluminum can be 3 to 4 inches wide and the towers are wheel mounted to propel the hose across the entire field. The wheels on the tower are motorized and adjusted to travel at a pre-determined rate. Each of the wheels is adjusted to travel at its own speed, since the wheels near the end point of the field need to travel further and faster than the wheels that are nearest to the water source in order to give consistent irrigation.

Central pivot irrigation systems come in two basic styles hydraulic and electric powered. Electric pivots have their wheels powered by electric motors that turn on when needed to propel the system. Hydraulic pivots, on the other hand, are powered by the water that feeds them and are propelled by water pressure. The hydraulic pressure is always present when the device is in use. Hydraulic powered advocates insist that the wear and tear on these devices is minimized because there is not the continual stress of being powered on and off. In addition they say that the constant motion is less stressful to the equipment and hence it requires less maintenance and provides more uniform irrigation. However, you may need some center pivot irrigation parts if a malfunction does occur.

The center pivot system has two primary benefits. First, crops receive water regularly and consistently. Center pivot irrigation enables the farmer to water his plants on an average of every 3 days. This causes deep root growth and healthy crops. Next, a central pivot system minimized water loss due to evaporation. The sprinkler heads can be lowered so they are just above the top of crops. This ensures that the majority of the water goes on the crops and does not evaporate in the wind. This is important since farmers are often allowed only a certain amount of water for irrigation.

Center Pivot Irrigation Parts

Like any complex mechanical device, central pivot systems break down and need replacement parts.  Fortunately, central pivot irrigation parts are available in most agricultural communities. Some parts that you may need to replace include the wheel gear boxes, which are gears that are in use to propel the device forward.  Problems with the gear box will mean that the system cannot propel itself, causing it to become stationary and useless. 

Control Panels – These machines are fairly complex and they have an electronic control panel, if there are problems here, the entire system becomes non-functional, you may need to replace the control panel if you persistent problems with it.

Pivot Pressure Regulators – These devices keep a consistent outlet pressure regardless of the inlet pressure. This helps to keep the system functioning in an optimal manner. These devices guarantee that the amount of water that reaches every nozzle is consistent. These important components can malfunction and need replacement.

There are a large number of center pivot irrigation parts on this complex machine. The above is only a sampling of some of the many parts that could fail on it. Your farm equipment supply dealer will have a comprehensive list.